The case Glenn Greenwald in Brazil

Willemjan Vandenplas
2 min readJul 29, 2019

Glenn Greenwald is a Wikileaks journalist and lawyer linked to Snowden and taking refuge in Brazil. Now the earth is shaking under his feet. He is accused of publishing information interfering with Moro, the current Minister of Justice, and before High Supreme Court judge in the trail of ex-President Lula da Silva.

Glenn Greenwald is the editor in chief of ‘The Intercept’, a progressive Brazilian online newspaper. Since 2019, when Bolsonaro came to power with the vow that he would clean Brazil of ’Leftist Scum’, it was obious that it was a matter of time or the alternative media would start feeling the iron fist of Bolsonaro. When the US became close with Brazil, people like Glenn Greenwald seemed prone to being the first to lose this fight.

Glenn Greenwald is also a known refugee in Brazil from the US, because he was part of Wikileaks. He restarted his life in a country that could not expel him from his territory, because he is a foreigner. His case for deportation is closed to the US, although the current governement could change the law, but the new migration law of 2018 was not fully accepted by ex-President Temer.

When Greenwald went to the international bookfaire of Paraty (FLIP), people in the audience started throwing chairs at him, because he’s critized by Moro. When he was high court judge, he helped the counter party in ex-President Lula’s trail. The evidence come’s from a hacker, although it is not clear if the hacker part of the center-right party DEM or that he has links to the PcdoB, the Brazilian communist party, but it was Greenwald who put out the information in Wikeleaks style.

The logic and the review of the facts is not necessary, because we see that living outside Brazil means we see a lot of conflicting information, maybe it’s to early to say that the government is cracking down on journalists and civil society. One thing for sure, the evidence of Greenwald is not legally acquired. At the otherside, was it worth stealing this information because of the severity of the case and publishing chaos prone information to the public?

One thing for sure, the Supreme Court has now seven out of ten pro-Bolsonaro judges, this means they were elected by the President. It looks like it wouldn’t come to a fair trail and at the otherside Greenwald has no risk of beeing deported to the US.

With justice not working and an opposition that is weak, it looks like Glenn Greenwald will be the next person devoured by the political monster that is Brazil. There will be even more chaos and polarization.



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