Bolsonaro, a hawkish lider…

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It’s a problem that Brazilian media and opposition keep focussing on the bad tongue of President Bolsonaro. It’s a way to keep people occupied, while the president is working. And he’s working very hard for a totally different Brazil orientated towards the USA and it’s allies and with more foreign trade.

The story of Brazil started with an approachment to Israel, in the beginning of his mandate. The problem is that this caused a problem with his trade partners in the Middle East, support Palestine. Who account for 10 billion trade balance superavit, which is only 5% of the export. The trade balance is 10% of the total BNP of Brazil.

Brazil was before not a country that is looking outwards, even most of the economic growth of Brazil was built on internal demand, because of the demand from enriched poor classes. This is now changing with minister of Economy Paulo Guedes, who wants to open the trade barriers of Brazil.

So, we can say that the international relations of Brazil were not so important on trade under the PT. Brazil’s economy is rampant, so import and export is a welcoming apple againt thirst, if it stays like this, Bolsonaro will be austed.

Realized this, there is trend in Bolsonaro to move towards relations with the USA, altough China is still the biggest trade partner with 30 Billion dollars superavit. According to a source, Brazil could become a big player in the USA, if the approuch works.

The biggest shift in the Middle East is happing towards Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuweit and the UAE (Not mistaken towards the allies of the USA). Away from the shia axis: Hezbollah, clan Al-Assad and Iran; where Lula was close to.

Working with the USA, means most of the time that a country becomes the gate keeper of the US. And this is what we see in the current crisis with Iran, that Brazil will play the policeman of the USA.

Since Brazil had for a long time good relations with Iran’s Islamic Republic, and is currently a trade partner and a deliverer of peace troops at the UNIFIL bases in Lebanon. It’s positions at a good place too bail out it’s economy by playing police agent in the Middle East for the USA.

This game is already playing with a tightened diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, since the bombing of Soleimani, remember that on the 9th of july Flavio Bolsonaro told the Brazilian press that Iran is the problem… And likewise the policy shifted that way yesterday night…

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